The Jolly Fox Returns.

A warm hello, to whoever out there might still be reading!

I have been away for a long while and was away for a while before that it seems as well. I’ve come back to tell you all some tales of new adventures and turns my life has taken. There will still be vegan food, good vegan food, but more too.

Where and how do I begin to tell you? I was browsing through my last couple of posts, which date about a year ago around this time. I’m not sure if I included in any of those posts that I was recovering from a thyroidectomy and thyroid cancer.

I will save the details of my thyroid and health journey for another post, but I finally do feel ready to talk about it. An emotional rollercoaster, equipped with weight loss and gain, crises in energy, not wanting to cook, and so much more in between. It became hard to blog.

For this post however, I’d like to tell you a story about the last time I was on Maui.

It starts in May, 2016. It began with nothing unusual, other than I was still trying to get my wits and health about me after surgery (Feb 10, 2016). It had been a few months and I had remained mostly inactive during that time, trying to adjust to new doses of levothyroxine and my new life, post-cancer.

There I am on Maui. Enjoying the warm, but not-too-hot west Maui sun. Taking in morning and early evening rains of Kapalua and swooning over the white-blue glow of the Maui moon….untouched by light pollution, so bright that street lights and flashlights and other forms of artificial light have no place because the light of the moon is enough to guide you through the night. A true, blue beauty.

All shots from this trip are cell phone shots, I've left my camera behind a lot of in the last year, but it's making a come back soon.
All shots from this trip are cell phone shots, I’ve left my camera behind a lot of in the last year, but it’s making a come back soon.

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Orchids of Olinda & Lilikoi Orchid Tartlets.

Warning. This post is going to have a lot of orchid photos.

The first time I remember seeing orchids and hearing that word, was on the Big Island when I was a kid. We had been driving around the island all day. We met a man from New Jersey who grew coffee (and maybe some other things 😉 ) and sold ice cream. We went into a macadamia nut packing house where I watched a bunch of ladies in hairnets in front of a conveyor belt I Love Lucy style. And then after running around on a black sand beach, we headed back to Kona. On the way, we stopped by a giant greenhouse, which ended up being filled with orchids.


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Pineapple Pie and the Island of Lanai.

On a clear day in Maui, depending on what side of the island you’re on, you can see both Oahu and the Big Island. But even if the day is not so clear, you always have a nice view of Molokai, Lanai and Kahoolawe. On my last trip, my dad and I adventured to Molokai to explore what the island had to offer. This time around, I planned a day trip and picnic for my friend and I on Lanai.


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Guava Bread & Iao Valley.


On my many trips to Maui, I always find myself exploring new places and experiencing new things. One may think you would quickly run out of things to do on an island so small, but that could not be further from the truth. I, without a doubt, find myself at the airport bound for Los Angeles listing and dreaming about all the things that I did not have time to do.

On my most recent trip, a friend and I decided to visit Iao Valley for the first time. I had heard of its beauty and wanted to see for myself. We arrived at the park, paid our $5 entry and read some signs about what the park offered. While the landscape was breathtaking, my friend and I were a bit disappointed at how short and small the trails were and how paved they were….Part of it almost looked like a garden planted at a museum (which are quite beautiful, but not what we were looking for). We took the short walk up to view the needle. It was a breathtaking day with the clearest of blue skies touched ever so slightly with perfect puffs of little white clouds.


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Hey there, Pamplemousse: The One Where I went Grapefruit Picking in the Valley by Myself and then Made Cookies.

Thank goodness for Vegan Yack Attack. I had no idea Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month of Food) was approaching in September. I’m glad I know now as I’m headed to Maui September 2nd and now I have time to prepare some posts for when I’m gone. I am so behind on posts anyway that it should be easy. Maybe. Hopefully. I said I was going to come back this time with a recipe, but I’m terrible, so I may save some of the for MoFo…it’s so close!

For now, here is this short one about grapefruit. 

A friend told me about this grapefruit pick in the valley. The grapefruit was chemical free and cheap, so I took myself picking. The place was called Orcutt Ranch and the grounds were gorgeous. I basically had the place to myself. I proceeded to frolic about like any good hippy would do and take pictures and pick yummy grapefruit. When I got home, I made Grapefruit Shortbread Cookies. 



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Kumu Farms & the Molokai Adventure.

While sitting comfortably and looking out from our beautiful lanai, we are not only graced with a beautiful view of the ocean, but also of the island of Molokai. When I visited Maui last fall, I was taking in the view and then started to think about Molokai. What’s over there? How do you get there? It looks so close. And close it is. Only a 15 minute or so Cessna ride away, you can be on Molokai in a flash.

When I was in Maui last month, I thought it might be nice for my dad and I to take a day trip over there. I bought us plane tickets, did a little research and over to Molokai we went. The view from our tiny plane was breathtaking.

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Ono Organic Farms.

I always need my farm fix. Even when I’m in a faraway land, I must know where the goods are grown. On my last trip to Maui, I visited Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, Kula Country Farms, O’o Farm and the Maui Gold Pineapple Farm.

This time around I was so excited to visit Ono Oragnic Farms. If you could pick the spot furthest away from where our condo is, it’d be Ono Farms. Situated on a gorgeous volcanic hillside, just past Hana in Kipahulu. Truth be told, I don’t enjoy driving to Hana. The drive is beautiful for sight-seeing, but it takes SO long to get to Hana because of all of the slowwwww tourists. I’m not exaggerating when I say they drive about 13 mph. You can’t zoom around on Hana Hwy, but you can do a lil better than 13 mph. Anyhow, despite the long slow drive, it’s worth it for numerous reasons. The Hana side of Maui is the wet side, so beautiful, luscious green jungles and waterfalls abound. I could go on about why you should visit, but the best reason would definitely be Ono Organic Farms.

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