Yingst Ranch + Pear, Quince & Wild Blueberry Pie.

Back before I went to Hawaii I made one last farm trip. I wasn’t sure if we’d find the super secret persimmon farm (future post) I had heard about upon my return. So, what I’m saying is this could have my last CA farm trip of the year. I had been wanting to pick some pears, but unfortunately all of the farms I knew of that offered u-pick pears had lost most of their pears to frost. The leftover pears were snatched up right away. I thought I was out of luck when I called Yingst Ranch and they happily reported they had pears.


A couple of friends and I made the pilgrimage out to Yingst and delighted in pear picking. We also picked a few random apples and plums we found hanging around.











Before running off to Maui, I decided on a vegan version of this pie from my favorite place, Eat the Love.

I love that quince turns pink when you cook it. I also thought the blueberries added a nice touch. DSC_1806


This was a really lovely day. We went thrifting near the farm and each of us found some rad treasure. But, this post is like this day and pie; quick. I’ll be back to tell the story of that secret persimmon farm real soon.



3 Comments on “Yingst Ranch + Pear, Quince & Wild Blueberry Pie.

  1. How fun! I’ve always wanted to go to a u pick farm. The last time I tried, the farm was already closed for the season. The pie looks amazing! I’ll have a scoop of ice cream with mine please. 🙂

  2. It’s been years since I’ve been to a u-pick. Every year I want to go, but then don’t get around to it. This year I’m going to have to make a plan stick with it. The pie sounds like a fantastic combo, even though I have no idea what quince is 😉

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