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Yingst Ranch + Pear, Quince & Wild Blueberry Pie.

Back before I went to Hawaii I made one last farm trip. I wasn’t sure if we’d find the super secret persimmon farm (future post) I had heard about upon my return. So, what I’m saying is this could have my last CA farm… Continue Reading “Yingst Ranch + Pear, Quince & Wild Blueberry Pie.”

Eggnog Pear Pie.

It’s a wonderful day for pie! In case anyone hasn’t seen this, you should probably watch right now: Any day is a wonderful day for pie! But really, pie is the best. The November issue of Vegetarian Times featured a whole section on… Continue Reading “Eggnog Pear Pie.”

My Beautiful Cousin and the I-Hate-My-Downstairs-Neighbor-Tart

The other day, I got into an argument with my downstairs neighbor. I’m not big on arguments, so it was pretty uncomfortable. I live in an old house built circa 1920. It was converted into 4 apartments in the 1970’s. I have lived here… Continue Reading “My Beautiful Cousin and the I-Hate-My-Downstairs-Neighbor-Tart”