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Coconut-Lilikoi Tapioca.

My favorite place on all of Maui is Kula. Kula is nestled up on the western slope of Haleakala. One of my favorite sights is looking up at Kula from further down the volcano; there is this breathtaking light and dark contrast up on… Continue Reading “Coconut-Lilikoi Tapioca.”

Orchids of Olinda & Lilikoi Orchid Tartlets.

Warning. This post is going to have a lot of orchid photos. The first time I remember seeing orchids and hearing that word, was on the Big Island when I was a kid. We had been driving around the island all day. We met… Continue Reading “Orchids of Olinda & Lilikoi Orchid Tartlets.”

POG Muffins.

I had my first taste of pog, on my very first flight to Hawaii (the Big Island). I can’t remember how old I was, but I remember the flight attendant handing me the little plastic cup of goodness with the foil lid. I looked… Continue Reading “POG Muffins.”

Taro Cupcakes.

Some where….some how, I came into possession of this poi powder. For most of my unusual ingredients, I have ideas for things to go along with them. Not the case with this poi powder, which is dehydrated taro pounded into a powder. If I… Continue Reading “Taro Cupcakes.”

Pineapple Pie and the Island of Lanai.

On a clear day in Maui, depending on what side of the island you’re on, you can see both Oahu and the Big Island. But even if the day is not so clear, you always have a nice view of Molokai, Lanai and Kahoolawe.… Continue Reading “Pineapple Pie and the Island of Lanai.”

Guava Bread & Iao Valley.

On my many trips to Maui, I always find myself exploring new places and experiencing new things. One may think you would quickly run out of things to do on an island so small, but that could not be further from the truth. I,… Continue Reading “Guava Bread & Iao Valley.”

Coconut-Taro Rolls.

I love taro. It’s a starchy, nutritious tuber that is popular in various parts of the world, but has been a major staple crop and pretty important part of the Hawaiian culture and diet, since people started inhabiting the Hawaiian islands. It is most… Continue Reading “Coconut-Taro Rolls.”

Starfruit & Tofu Salad.

One day I wandered over to University of Hawaii Maui College campus looking to sneak into the culinary school. And by sneak, I mean it’s supposedly open to the public, but I couldn’t confirm that so I just ventured over. It turned out to… Continue Reading “Starfruit & Tofu Salad.”

Hawaiian Macadamia Lavender Rice.

Thank you to everyone who has come by the blog and sent some kindness my way. You are all very much appreciated! Today I want to share this delicious and comforting rice dish. I got my lavender from my favorite Hawaiian Lavender Farm, Ali’i… Continue Reading “Hawaiian Macadamia Lavender Rice.”

Hawaiian Potato Salad.

Today is kind of a sad day. One of my best friends lost their mom, unexpectedly. Two weeks ago she was giving me the greatest figs from their backyard and we were chatting about medical insurance of all things. I will miss her. But… Continue Reading “Hawaiian Potato Salad.”