Category: Misadventures

Las Vegas and the Maple-“Bacon” Cupcake

Hi. Hi there. I just got back from a quick weekend in Las Vegas. Before you go getting ideas I was there visiting some very good friends who live there. We had a lovely time together hanging out, eating, hiking and more eating! My… Continue Reading “Las Vegas and the Maple-“Bacon” Cupcake”

Harry Potter & the Vegan Treatfest.

After 10 years on the big screen, the Harry Potter series has finally reached its end. To commemorate such an epic event, I decided to host a small gathering of friends/fans. I invited everyone over a few hours before we would all have to… Continue Reading “Harry Potter & the Vegan Treatfest.”

Greetings Bloglings!

Hi there and welcome to this brand new blog! Food, shenanigans, misadventures, maybe a lil magic, but mostly food. I think that’s what’s about to go on here….I think. I do hope you’ll join me on this crazy little journey I’m about to make… Continue Reading “Greetings Bloglings!”