Vegan Peaches & Cream Pie.

Last year I had the pleasure of acquiring some very sweet, very juicy peaches. My favorite variety ended up being a 49er peach that had a beautiful red starburst on the inside with a yellow-red blush on the outside. They were a revelation. I went a bit overboard and after making a delightful Peach-Vanilla Jam with Bourbon, I knew at least a few pies were also in order. As always, it’s a wonderful day for pie. 😉

First, inspired by one of my local favorite eateries, Good Girl Dinette, came this Licorice Peach Pie. I made this pie with cane sugar only, no brown sugar and then added licorice powder. Licorice powder is made from licorice root, dried and then pulverized into a fine powder. I wouldn’t say it was the best peach pie that I’ve made, but it was unusual and tasty. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to play with flavors and try something new, which I love doing.


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Earl Grey-Taro Pie.

Highland Park is the neighborhood I call home. It’s an eclectic little mix of things and who doesn’t love a little mix of things? I live around the corner from this delicious little Vietnamese-American diner type place called Good Girl Dinette. Go to there. Eat the vegetarian/vegan porridge. And with your porridge also eat everything else. So good. Last Christmas they sold Earl Grey-Taro pies which, sadly, were not vegan. Too good of an idea to pass up, I made this vegan version inspired by those geniuses at Good Girl.

Bonus: Taro/Kalo Hawaii Love! 🙂

Note: I’ll be making this again with better photos and topped with a whipped coconut cream. This pie was meant to be topped with such things and why it escaped me the first go around….Who’s to say?


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Bofur’s Vegan Mince Pies.

” If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

What a lovely feeling it is, to have a book or film transport you some place magical, that you fall in love with. It’s one of my favorite feelings, which I’m quite sure is shared throughout most of the human race. There are very mixed reviews among fans about Peter Jackson’s adaptations of The Hobbit, but all I will say is that I like them. That is not to say that I don’t have a few opinions on this or that, but I stand by them and by Peter Jackson’s vision of them. And how grateful I am and glad that they were even made at all, as during many points since The Lord of the Rings and now, the odds were not in their favor.



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Pie Hole.

Would you like to fall into a hole full of pies? Well then…you’ve come to the right post. I was looking through my food photos and realized that I made so many pies over summer (when I was going crazy for berries) and only posted about a few of them. And what a sad thing that is…because pie is meant to be shared.

Blueberry Pie w/ Honey & Fresh Thyme.


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Violet-Boysenberry Pie.

A couple of weekends ago I had the glorious pleasure of returning to CJ’s Farm. I had been there once before, last fall to pick the most beautiful heirloom pumpkins. This time it was boysenberries. This triple cross between a European raspberry, blackberry and loagnberry is not so easy to find here in Los Angeles. They are around the Hollywood and Santa Monica Farmer’s Markets for a very brief period if you’re lucky to find them at all. And sometimes when you have that kind of luck, they are the worst type of sour and just awful.

Imagine my excitement when I learned that CJ’s was not only growing boysenberries, but was opening their wonderful farm to the public for u-pick. The ripe boysenberries were deliciously tart yet still sweet. They were the best I’ve ever had. I picked the biggest option available because I already knew I wanted to bake them into a pie.


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Mango Lilikoi Sunshine Pie.

Sometimes this blogging escapes me. I’ve been having a lot of wonderful adventures lately and I want to share them. I still have so many Hawaiian recipes to share too. I guess I will get around to posting them all at some point. Once it started to feel like summer I began making a lot of pies. Since I seem to linger in the aloha spirit long after I leave Hawaii, I started with some Hawaiian pies.

I managed to score some apple bananas from a farm in the big island that would ship them to the mainland. They were expensive,  but so worth it. Plus, the farm through in some free dried bananas my way. I decided to eat a couple and use the rest for this

Apple Banana Cream Pie:

Homemade Short Crust--Layer of Apple Banana-Layer of Apple Banana Custard-Topped with Homemade Coconut Whipped Cream.
Homemade Short Crust–Layer of Apple Banana-Layer of Apple Banana Custard-Topped with Homemade Coconut Whipped Cream.

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A Long Overdue Strawberry-Kiwi Pie.

Where do I begin? I did not intend an almost month long hiatus. I returned from Maui, got my bearings and then boom, my computer broke. There’s a first time for everything I guess. I have always had good luck when it comes to electronics and I’m happy to report I’m really not used to having to have things fixed. Like sent away and fixed. My computer is back in my life, for now it seems. So here I am with a new post and recipe for you.

I was excited to be visiting Maui in (almost) Spring time as I knew Kula Country Farms would be open for strawberry picking. I raced over there one day before they closed to grab some berries. It was raining, which I don’t mind, but no berry picking pictures because of the wetness.

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