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Bonus MoFo Round 2.

Just a quick lil’ bonus post to tell everyone to go buy Heather Goldberg and Jenny Engel’s (aka the Spork Sisters) new book, Spork-Fed. I am lucky enough to know these ladies personally as I have taken a ton of their vegan cooking classes… Continue Reading “Bonus MoFo Round 2.”

Cloudy. With A Chance Of Turkish Meatballs.

Yesterday it was awesomely rainy here in Los Angeles. Due to our very special mediterranean climate, we have warm to hot and typically very dry summers and winter is when we get our rain. Of course, weather isn’t entirely predictable, so we do have… Continue Reading “Cloudy. With A Chance Of Turkish Meatballs.”

Homemade Applejack. Or Brandy. Or Brandywine.

I was looking at a recipe a while ago that called for Applejack or Apple Brandy–which I thought were the same thing. Turns out applejack is a type of brandy, but the definitions are a little confusing. Information about applejack will tell you that… Continue Reading “Homemade Applejack. Or Brandy. Or Brandywine.”

But I Have Trimps….

Mofo in the morning. Ahhh, Agador Spartacus…one of the greatest characters in any movie. Ever. There is a moment in the movie “The Birdcage”, at the dinner party where the soup or something ridiculous is going out to be served and Agador says with… Continue Reading “But I Have Trimps….”

Apple Rosemary Pie with Vanilla Hazelnut Crust.

What can I say? I love making pies. I probably enjoy making pies more than anything else…. and for a person who loves to cook, well, that’s sayin’ somethin’. You know what else I love? Putting an interesting twist on old classics. I have… Continue Reading “Apple Rosemary Pie with Vanilla Hazelnut Crust.”

Bonus MoFo Post.

MoFo Bonus Round! Head on over to my very awesome and beautiful friend’s blog, I Dream of Greenie┬áto check out my guest post for this Osso Buco Style Seitan w/ Saffron Risotto. And check out the rest of her very amazing blog as well.… Continue Reading “Bonus MoFo Post.”

Brandied Cranberry & “Beef” Stew.

Second day of Vegan Mofo is a go! Just as a note, I really like how Jamie Oliver refers to all of his recipes as “lovely”. I use the word yummy a lot I guess. But I think today I’m bringing you a lovely… Continue Reading “Brandied Cranberry & “Beef” Stew.”

Vegan MoFo is upon us.

This is my first year participating in Vegan MoFo as I just started my blog in July. But boy, am I excited! I didn’t pick an official theme because well, I don’t really know what I’m in for yet? For anyone who doesn’t know… Continue Reading “Vegan MoFo is upon us.”