Bonus MoFo Round 2.

Just a quick lil’ bonus post to tell everyone to go buy Heather Goldberg and Jenny Engel’s (aka the Spork Sisters) new book, Spork-Fed. I am lucky enough to know these ladies personally as I have taken a ton of their vegan cooking classes here in Los Angeles and they are totally badical. Their book is perfect for anyone really, not just vegans which is great. Oftentimes there are more omnivores in class than vegans or vegetarians. They ALWAYS end up loving the food. I have also met so many amazing vegan friends through the classes.

I have tried several of the recipes included in the book and I can tell you they are awesome. Mouthgasm spectacular. Heather and Jenny also offer cool online cooking classes too. Watching their videos is just like being in class with them. They’re the best. 🙂

And please go check out these amazing blogs from some of the cool ladies I have met in class:

I Dream Of Greenie

OMGosh I’m Vegan

Your Vegan Girlfriend

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