Taro Cupcakes.

Some where….some how, I came into possession of this poi powder. For most of my unusual ingredients, I have ideas for things to go along with them. Not the case with this poi powder, which is dehydrated taro pounded into a powder. If I wanted to make poi, I know where I can get fresh taro, so what else could I do with this stuff? Then I remembered some of my other strange pantry powders, like my matcha green tea powder. So, I thought to myself….YEAH. Green tea cupcakes…..but I’ma sub out everything green tea and put in powdered poi magic. And so it went.



I should admit to you now, that I don’t have a recipe because I’d like to make these again to make sure they’re worthy. I ended up making them on a hot, hooooot, day and so you’ll see my frosting is a little hot under its collar. Just a lil melty. I’d also like to play around with some natural food coloring to see if I might get the frosting purple next time. I think purple poi frosting would be just…perfect. Perfectly purple for poi cupcakes. But if you’re a fan of my recipes, never fear as I am working on a plethora of Hawaiian treats from Coconut-Lilikoi Tapioca to Haupia and then some.



5 Comments on “Taro Cupcakes.

  1. Interesting flavor, what did it taste like? I always think of taro as something savory. Purple frosting would be awesome! πŸ™‚

    • I think taro can lends itself well to sweet things, but savory too! These are good I think. The cake is lightly sweet with a hint of poi and the frosting is similar, but sweeter because of all the sugar. I think the purple frosting is really going to do it. πŸ™‚

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