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Vegan Roasted Strawberry Dumpling Skillet Cake.

Here in Los Angeles, we can be looking at getting the first of the strawberries in late winter or early spring. The sun here shines brightly and warm. Because of this weather kindness, we have amazing produce here all throughout the year and in… Continue Reading “Vegan Roasted Strawberry Dumpling Skillet Cake.”

A Long Overdue Strawberry-Kiwi Pie.

Where do I begin? I did not intend an almost month long hiatus. I returned from Maui, got my bearings and then boom, my computer broke. There’s a first time for everything I guess. I have always had good luck when it comes to… Continue Reading “A Long Overdue Strawberry-Kiwi Pie.”

Texas Strawberry-Habanero Pie.

Strawberry season is almost upon us kids. Temecula Valley Strawberry Farm will be opening on March 1st and my Chandler strawberry plant (who is aptly named Chandler) is already blowing up with berries. Chandler has been with me for many moons now and he… Continue Reading “Texas Strawberry-Habanero Pie.”

White Chocolate Pistachio Cookie Bars w/ Strawberry-Balsamic Topping.

It’s obvious by now. I could spend the rest of my days creating vegan versions of Eat the Love recipes. It’s like….my favorite. My absolute favorite. I know this may seem strange, but I know I have a similar palate to certain omnivores. It’s… Continue Reading “White Chocolate Pistachio Cookie Bars w/ Strawberry-Balsamic Topping.”

Meyer Lemon Strawberry Whipped Cream Pie and Honey Balsamic Strawberry Galette.

Strawberries were my favorite as a kid. They have always captivated me with their bright red colors and tiny seeded flesh. I enjoy the juicy sweet varieties and even like the not so sweet ones too. There’s just something about them that I have… Continue Reading “Meyer Lemon Strawberry Whipped Cream Pie and Honey Balsamic Strawberry Galette.”

Temecula Valley Strawberry Farm + Strawberry Pie.

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the brand new Temecula Valley Strawberry Farm in the Rainbow/Fallbrook area just past Temecula, Ca. I went to high school not far from the area, so I still consider them local to me, even if they aren’t… Continue Reading “Temecula Valley Strawberry Farm + Strawberry Pie.”

Sweet Strawberry Cornbread Muffins.

I have a really good memory. I believe that once things are encoded into the brain, they are never forgotten. I think people just lose or don’t have the ability to recall. I’ll be going about my day and then remember, in vivid detail,… Continue Reading “Sweet Strawberry Cornbread Muffins.”

Strawberry Glazed “Duck” Sandwiches.

It’s time for the return of the famous and creepy looking mock duck. Mock duck and I don’t see one another very often, but it was about time that little can of wonders made an appearance back in my kitch. I have to admit… Continue Reading “Strawberry Glazed “Duck” Sandwiches.”

Strawberry-Basil Cupcakes w/ Lemon Buttercream

Happy Saturday to the world! I’m having a rather lovely time not really getting out of bed this morning! And by bed, I of course mean mattress on the floor. I might even be so bold as to take another lazy cat nap after… Continue Reading “Strawberry-Basil Cupcakes w/ Lemon Buttercream”