Meyer Lemon Strawberry Whipped Cream Pie and Honey Balsamic Strawberry Galette.

Strawberries were my favorite as a kid. They have always captivated me with their bright red colors and tiny seeded flesh. I enjoy the juicy sweet varieties and even like the not so sweet ones too. There’s just something about them that I have always loved. I like to eat them in their raw state (sans powdered sugar or sweetener—ew). It was only two or so years ago that I made my first strawberry-rhubarb pie and have been enjoying strawberries in cooked desserts ever since. Of course I still enjoy them in uncooked desserts too.

Strawberries are definitely one of those fruits that you should buy organic/chemical free. It shocks me how much poison they dump all over conventional strawberries. I’ve been growing them for years and I find them both disease and pest resistant without much help from me.

This is my Chandler strawberry plant. I also grow Sequoia strawberries.

For the first strawberry dessert of the season, I made this Honey-Balsamic Strawberry Galette. I saw the recipe over on Honey & Jam. The recipe is almost vegan, but if you don’t want to use honey, sub brown rice syrup or agave.

With the next batch of strawberries came this incredibly rich pie. This pie reminds me of strawberry shortcake with a touch of lemon, only pie. It’s really easy to make, super rich and creamy like mousse, but with a touch less air.

Meyer Lemon Strawberry Whipped Cream Pie

Adapted from Eat the Love


1 recipe pie crust (use your favorite recipe: the one from Vegan Pie in the Sky would be great here)

For the filling–

1 box MimicCreme Healthy Top

1/4 c confectioner’s sugar

pinch sea salt

zest of one meyer lemon

1 tbsp meyer lemon juice

2 pints strawberries, divided

2 tbsp apricot jam


Preheat your oven to 375°F. Roll out your crust and place it in a 9″ pie plate. Take a fork and poke some holes in your crust for ventilation. Place a piece of parchment paper in your crust and add pie weights, dry beans or rice. Bake your crust until it starts to turn golden. Depending on what recipe you use, the exact baking time will vary, but it should take around 15 to 20 min. Once your crust is cooked, remove from oven and let cool completely.

For the filling, chill your Healthy Top for about 30 min. Once the Healthy Top has chilled, pour it into the bowl of your standing mixer. Add meyer lemon zest, salt and sugar. Fit your mixer with the whisk attachment and turn to a high speed. Whip according to package direction or until peaks form. Take 1 pint of your strawberries, hull, stem and slice them. Fold them into the whipped cream.

Transfer your whipped cream to your pie crust. Stem the remaining strawberries and arrange them on top of your pie. Drizzle with meyer lemon juice. Heat your jam for a minute in the microwave; once melted, brush the jam over the berries. Serve and enjoy!

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