Pie Hole.

Would you like to fall into a hole full of pies? Well then…you’ve come to the right post. I was looking through my food photos and realized that I made so many pies over summer (when I was going crazy for berries) and only posted about a few of them. And what a sad thing that is…because pie is meant to be shared.

Blueberry Pie w/ Honey & Fresh Thyme.


Blenheim & Red Apricot Hand Pies



My Huckleberry Friend aka Huckleberry Pie

This was my first time baking or cooking with huckleberries and they are a new love. I hope I can go foraging for them in Idaho or Oregon next season.





Raspberry-Fig Pie



Apple Pie w/ Vegan Cheddar Crust



And who would I be if I didn’t veganize a few of the pies from one of my favorite blogs, Eat the Love?

First, I have wanted to make this Blueberry-Rhubarb (Bluebarb) Pie for a while and finally got around to it (and many others) when blueberries were at their peak. This is an outstanding pie. Completely and totally delicious as all of Irvin’s recipes prove to be. Well, my vegan/beegan versions at least. Vegan edits for this pie should include: Subbing out equal parts sour cream and cream cheese for their vegan counterparts. I used homemade coconut sour cream, but store-bought will be just fine. For the eggs, omit them and use 2 tsp of Ener-G egg replacer–dry, don’t add water. And voila!

I'm a creamy, fruity delicious treat!
I’m a creamy, fruity delicious treat!

This Blueberry-Peach Pie w/ Creamy Tequila-Honey filling caught my eye too. Another seriously good pie and very easy to make vegan.



As always, I am hoping to devote more time over here. I haven’t stopped cooking or baking (see Instagram @jollylittlefox), but sometimes I just can’t find/make the time to get over here. When I started the latest series of Hawaiian inspired posts, I really wanted to improve upon my writing here. I find that the recipes come easy, but the stories behind them can sometimes be difficult to tell….not because the stories themselves are difficult, but more because I often struggle to find my words and my natural voice. And that’s what I want to share with you guys; the food that I make and what really inspires it.

3 Comments on “Pie Hole.

    • Thank you! We don’t get huckleberries here in SoCal, but I have always really wanted to try them too. I splurged and ordered them from Oregon when they were in season and I am so glad I did. I also made a BBQ sauce from them that was pretty good too! ps. your blog is beautiful!

  1. Ok, I’ve fallen head first into the pie hole and no rush getting me out of the hole. 🙂 All of the pies look amazing – I would love a little slice of each one, just so I can try them all.

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