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Apple Cheddar Hand Pies + Other Treats.

Keeping up with this mofo-ing has been kooky. I haven’t really made much of anything exciting this week…but I did manage this Pumpkin French Toast. Omg. I want more. I made this for a friend and I after our brains had been melting all… Continue Reading “Apple Cheddar Hand Pies + Other Treats.”

Apple Cranberry Pie.

This MoFoing urvry-day is crayzay. I have to say, I’m sorta enjoying it though. Before I started this blog, I used to just post pictures on Facebook of what I was cookin’ up. I admit I kinda miss doing that, but I think a… Continue Reading “Apple Cranberry Pie.”

Homemade Applejack. Or Brandy. Or Brandywine.

I was looking at a recipe a while ago that called for Applejack or Apple Brandy–which I thought were the same thing. Turns out applejack is a type of brandy, but the definitions are a little confusing. Information about applejack will tell you that… Continue Reading “Homemade Applejack. Or Brandy. Or Brandywine.”

Apple Rosemary Pie with Vanilla Hazelnut Crust.

What can I say? I love making pies. I probably enjoy making pies more than anything else…. and for a person who loves to cook, well, that’s sayin’ somethin’. You know what else I love? Putting an interesting twist on old classics. I have… Continue Reading “Apple Rosemary Pie with Vanilla Hazelnut Crust.”

Apple-Cheddar Scones. Because Apples + Cheeze = WIN.

Hello glorious blog! Just letting you know I almost typed bog instead of blog and that wouldn’t be nearly as glorious. So. Apples are in season and have been inspiring me everywhere I go. I am going to take an apple-picking trip sometime soon… Continue Reading “Apple-Cheddar Scones. Because Apples + Cheeze = WIN.”

Update: Apple Pie with Honey & Thyme Recipe

This post has been updated to include the recipe. 🙂 Hope you enjoy.

Apple Pie with Honey & Thyme

I had the opportunity to stay at a beautiful house in Pasadena the past few days to watch some really lovely doggies. I’m a dogwalker and petsitter extraordinaire! So being at this lovely house with these sweet doggies inspired me to make something sweet.… Continue Reading “Apple Pie with Honey & Thyme”

World’s Best Grilled Cheeze.

Meet the best grilled cheeze ever. I’m pretty sure Paula Deen is the one responsible for this recipe idea. Yes, you read right. I said Paula Deen! Haha, she’s like the anti-vegan, but some of her outrageously decadent butter-fest food is easily veganizable and… Continue Reading “World’s Best Grilled Cheeze.”