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CJ’s Pumpkin Ranch & Pumpkin Pie.

  I’m breaking all kinds of MoFo promises! I didn’t get a chance to post over the weekend because I’ve been too busy pickin’ pears and celebrating birthdays and getting ready to go to Maui this week! Yes. Maui and I are getting together… Continue Reading “CJ’s Pumpkin Ranch & Pumpkin Pie.”

Pumpkin Goodies.

Just a quick post to share some pumpkin treats I’ve made in the last week. I rarely make my own bread. I don’t know why, because typically it’s pretty easy and always super delicious. I have to admit I had a grand time braiding… Continue Reading “Pumpkin Goodies.”

Fall Food So Good.

I’m still under the weather. It sucks because I’m missing out on some fun, but I’d really just like to get better. My energy level is in the toilet, but I’ve still been attempting some cookery. I have about enough energy to prep something,… Continue Reading “Fall Food So Good.”

Apple Cheddar Hand Pies + Other Treats.

Keeping up with this mofo-ing has been kooky. I haven’t really made much of anything exciting this week…but I did manage this Pumpkin French Toast. Omg. I want more. I made this for a friend and I after our brains had been melting all… Continue Reading “Apple Cheddar Hand Pies + Other Treats.”