World’s Best Grilled Cheeze.

Granny Smith Apples. Tempeh Bacon. Roasted Red Onion Vegenaise. Cheddar Daiya. Rocky Mountain Sourdough.

Meet the best grilled cheeze ever. I’m pretty sure Paula Deen is the one responsible for this recipe idea. Yes, you read right. I said Paula Deen! Haha, she’s like the anti-vegan, but some of her outrageously decadent butter-fest food is easily veganizable and instantly made that much better.

And I have to say, this grilled cheeze is the best I’ve ever eaten. Once I took the first bite, I nearly died of a mouthgasm and knew that I would be making many more of these in the future. I wish I had gotten some better pictures, but these will have to do and you’ll just have to trust me 🙂

World’s Best Grilled Cheeze w/ “Bacon”, Apples and Roasted Red Onion Veganaise


Earth Balance

Bread (your choice, but I used Rudi’s Rocky Mountain Sourdough for this sammich)

Granny Smith Apple, unpeeled and sliced thinly

Tempeh Bacon (homemade, or lightlife brand. You can give it a quick saute, or toast it, or just leave it as is)

Daiya, Cheddar Style (if possible, try to get it in a block so you can slice it yourself. Or, some Whole Foods sell Daiya by the pound behind the cheese counter. You can custom order how much you want by weight and the cheese guy will slice it up for you if you want. They do the same behind the deli counter at Figueroa Produce Market)

Roasted Red Onion Vegeanise (recipe follows)


Preheat a a panini pan over medium heat or fire up your panini press. If you don’t have either, just heat two skillets and make your panini the old fashioned way. Spread some Earthy B on the outside of both slices of bread. Spread some roasted red onion Vegenaise on your bread and layer your Daiya, tempeh bacon and apples. Take your panini (I use tongs) and place it in your panini pan, on your press or in your first skillet. Then grill the panini. If you’re using two skillets, just take the second heated skillet, and place it inside/on top on the other skillet with the sandwich in it. Use a very good oven mitt or glove so you are able to press the skillet down with some pressure, be careful not to burn yourself. In a preheated press, pan or skillet, it only takes a minute to make. Remove as soon as your bread is toasty and the Daiya is melted.

Roasted Red Onion Vegenaise


1 medium red onion, chopped

2 tsp safflower oil

1 c Vegenaise (you can use your favorite, I like the reduced fat type)

unbleached sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper


Preheat oven to 375°F. Toss the onion pieces in the oil, salt & pepper and spread them out on a rimmed baking sheet lined with a silpat. Bake about 25 minutes, tossing the onions around once or twice. Remove the onions from the oven and let them cool. Then combine your onion pieces in a food processor with your Vegenaise. You can either blend it up until completely smooth or leave some chunky bits of onion. This recipe makes more than enough for one sandwich, so make a bunch for you and some friends or family or store it in jar and keep it in the fridge to use on sandwiches throughout the week.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Eat me!

3 Comments on “World’s Best Grilled Cheeze.

  1. I love fruits and “cheese”. I love cheddar with apple (it’s really good in pie), and pears go really well with certain faux cheeses as well. And peaches…..And figs! The next grilled cheeze I make I’d love to add some homemade fig butter.

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