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Cherry Time.

Cherries. I didn’t eat my first cherry until sometime in my early or mid-twenties. Man, I was missing out. Since then I have been in love with cherries of all kinds. Every year I attempt to make a pilgrimage to some cherry farm to… Continue Reading “Cherry Time.”

Apple Pickin’ + Apple-Cherry Pie w/ Cardamon & Black Pepper.

I had another glorious day on a farm last weekend. Just….glorious. A few friends and I headed to the Oak Glen area of Yucaipa to get our apple pick on. My favorite farm in the area is Riley’s at Los Rios Rancho, so that’s… Continue Reading “Apple Pickin’ + Apple-Cherry Pie w/ Cardamon & Black Pepper.”

Cherry-Bulgur Burgers w/ Rosemary & Daiya Jack Cheese.

Look. I’m posting a recipe for something savory. Sort of. 😉 These burgers are pretty easy to put together and they grill really nicely. I made them on Sputnik (it looks like a satellite), my tabletop outdoor grill. Don’t forget the vegan cheese as… Continue Reading “Cherry-Bulgur Burgers w/ Rosemary & Daiya Jack Cheese.”

M&M Peach Ranch + Blueberry-Cherry Red Wine Pie.

The title of this post is deceiving. I went to M&M Peach Ranch to pick, what turned out to be, the BEST Bing cherries ever. It was a lovely day with some lovely friends. M&M Peach Ranch does, of course, grow peaches as well,… Continue Reading “M&M Peach Ranch + Blueberry-Cherry Red Wine Pie.”

Black Forest Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.

A week or so ago, I spied a recipe for gluten free black forest chocolate crinkle cookies. I love incorporating gluten foods, but since I have no sensitivity or allergy to gluten, I generally like to make things with wheat-based flours. Plus organic, wheat… Continue Reading “Black Forest Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.”


I LOVE cherries. Delicious little beautiful wonders. This. This is what I think about cherries.  Certain fruits just have this look to me. The look where if you were on your own….totally in the wild and stumbled upon this fruit for the first time,… Continue Reading “Cherries.”