M&M Peach Ranch + Blueberry-Cherry Red Wine Pie.

The title of this post is deceiving. I went to M&M Peach Ranch to pick, what turned out to be, the BEST Bing cherries ever. It was a lovely day with some lovely friends. M&M Peach Ranch does, of course, grow peaches as well, but they are late season peaches typically ripe in September. I will be back for those. 😉

My friend Michelle enjoying a Bing. 🙂 Photo by Danielle of Look Pretty.
Getting my Bing on. Photo by Danielle of Look Pretty.

It was a great and beautiful cherry picking experience. The cherries were ripe as could be, organic and $4 per lb which is pretty cheap for cherries in Southern California, even conventional cherries. The farmers were extremely nice and so helpful. I am looking forward to going back for some yummy peaches.

I ended up doing 3 things with my cherries:

1. I made Brandied Cherries with some of my Bings and Ranier cherries. (results to come!)

2. I made the Blueberry-Cherry Red Wine Pie from Eat the Love. (to make vegan, just sub out butter for Earth Balance, reduce salt in crust, and add a bit more liquid than called for–for the dough. Really easy! I used Green Bridge Organic Petite Sirah for the red, and as usual, subbed the cornstarch out for arrowroot.


Pie cooling on a windowsill. It happens in real life!
Nevermind my funky lattice. Not really sure what was going on in my mind while I was doing it.
Looks a lil flat, but I assure it was filled with the most fantastic berry filling ever.

5 Comments on “M&M Peach Ranch + Blueberry-Cherry Red Wine Pie.

    • Thank you so much. I had thought that I had weaved it properly, then took it out of the oven and looked it over and had no idea what I did. Knowing me I probably rushed through it so I could get to eating it. I love everything that you create (especially pie!). You are my golden baking god! 😉

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