Cherry Time.

Cherries. I didn’t eat my first cherry until sometime in my early or mid-twenties. Man, I was missing out. Since then I have been in love with cherries of all kinds. Every year I attempt to make a pilgrimage to some cherry farm to get my fix of sweet cherries. Because I live in Los Angeles. So the only way I can find a fresh sour cherry is to win the cherry lottery. I found them once. Two years ago. At Whole Foods. I spent a small fortune buying as many as I could and freezing what I could not use fresh. They ran out soon enough and I’ve missed them. I have a few leads for next year though, so we’ll see.

Sweet cherries it is then. 🙂

The darkest of Bings.
The darkest of Bings.



I thought I was going to do all kinds of things with my cherry haul. My dreams were grand. Truth be told, I ate most of them as they were. I did manage to throw together a vegan version of this salad. I replaced the chicken with savory baked tofu. Green garlic nor garlic scapes are in season, so I used some fresh garlic, I can’t remember how much. So, SO good.


Although sweet cherries definitely don’t shine as well as sour cherries when baked, I still decided to make a batch of muffins. Cherry pairs well with so many flavors, but I decided on Cherry-Vanilla Muffins. Can’t say I remember exactly how I made them or I’d give the recipe!


And lastly I made a batch of the Cherry-Cola ice cream from Vegan a la Mode. It never really got that solid, but it tasted pretty good, although super sweet. I’m not a soda drinker, but way back when I used to drink the poison, I loved cherry cola. I went with this natural brand I found at the store.


3 Comments on “Cherry Time.

    • Thanks Will! I miss you. I’m planning some trips (road and plane) next year and maybe we can have a visit? I hope this finds you well. 🙂

      • That’d be fun. Kansas is a small state (driving isn’t a thing here) so, yeah let me know if you’re able to make it out :D.

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