Apple & Beet Pizettes.

I saw these apple and beet pizettes on an episode of Giada At Home. I decided they need to be in my mouth and hence they were made. I found them quite delicious and I think you will too.

Apple-Beet Pizettes


1 medium or large beet, sliced thinly with a mandoline or vegetable peeler

1 medium or large apple, sliced thinly with a mandoline or vegetable peeler (I used Pink Lady, but if you’re making these in the fall, Honeycrisp would be perfect)

about 1/2 c Daiya Mozzarella style shreds

1 recipe vegan fontina or creamy tofu ricotta (there are TONS of tofu ricotta recipes out there)

1 recipe pizza dough (I decided on a whole wheat dough) You can also use store bought dough from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods

herbes de provence for sprinkling

a touch of cornmeal


Preheat oven to 400°F.

Roll out your dough into a big circle. Using a biscuit cutter or pint glass turned upside down, cut out as many dough circles as you can. Spread some vegan fontina or ricotta onto the circles. Top that with some Daiya shreds. Sprinkle on some herbes de provence and then top each pizette with a sliced beet and apple. Sprinkle on more herbes de provence if you please. Place pizettes on a pizza stone or baking sheet sprinkled with cornmeal. Bake about 12 to 15 minutes until Daiya is melted and dough starts to turn golden around the edges.

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