Strawberry-Rhubarb Key Lime Pie w/ Toasted Coconut Cream.

Saw this pie on one of my very favorite blogs Eat The Love. Irvin’s creations are of endless inspiration and this latest pie was no exception. Since the recipe has both curd filling and a meringue topping it was super egg heavy. Rather than try to veganize the curd, I just decided to go with a curd-like key lime filling that I already knew was super delicious; the Spork sisters key lime coconut bar filling. Since I had learned to make key lime bars in their Hawaiian Luau class, I thought that filling may translate well into a pie filling. And it did. Yay. If you want the deliciousness of the Spork sisters recipe and you either live in LA, or will be visiting this Sumemr, you’re in luck. The girls are doing their Hawaiian Luau class July 21st and 22nd of this year. The key lime coconut bars are part of the class!

I made up the crust called for in Irvin’s recipe. I don’t really care for gold tequila, so I used silver Patron in the crust. Lovely crust recipe for mexican or tropical pies and desserts. I also decided to use the Earth Balance Coconut Spread instead of traditional Earthy B for the crust. It added that ever so subtle touch of coconut that I love. 🙂

I made the strawberry rhubarb topping per Irvin’s instructions and baked on top of the filling.

Last was the meringue topping. I really thought about doing a vegan coconut meringue topping for a long time. I was stuck trying to decide on whether or not I should do meringue or toasted coconut cream. In the end, it was the toasted coconut cream that won. I The pie seemed to have come out really great so far. Meringue is so temperamental that I didn’t want to risk wrecking my pie over the topping. I knew a vegan cream with toasted coconut would also be delicious, so I went for it. It would be nice to see if I could pull off the coconut meringue in the future. Someday!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Key Lime Pie w/ Toasted Coconut Cream.

3 Comments on “Strawberry-Rhubarb Key Lime Pie w/ Toasted Coconut Cream.

  1. Whoa that looks amazing! I think I may have to try my hand at this one, I’ve been on the hunt for some new rhubarb recipes. Coconut cream is totally a better choice then the meringue, the coconut flavour would go awesome with the lime and strawberries.

    • Thank you! The recipe I used for the key lime portion is tofu based and super easy. You can probably take any tofu-based lemon bar recipe and swap out the lemon for key lime and boom! Pie filling! In retrospect I am glad I did cream over meringue–the flavors did end up coming together nicely. Irvin’s blog is the best–he makes so many good things I spend half my time making vegan versions of his treats. He and Martha Stewart can always seem to keep me busy.

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