Gilcrease Orchard & Farm Fresh Apricots.

The last time I was in North Las Vegas, my friends and I attempted to visit one of the only local produce farms, Gilcrease Orchards, for some u-pick goodies. Unfortunately, they were not yet open for the season so we didn’t get to explore. The good news is, on my most recent Vegas jaunt, the farm was open for business and u-pick vegetables and apricots.

Looks like they’ll have some yummy pears soon 🙂

I was really looking forward to the apricots as their season in California is typically very short and I never knows how the cots will be each season. I haven’t had a good apricot in the past two years. The past two seasons I have bought them (from farmer’s markets and Whole Foods) they were just too sour for anything. I tried cooking them, as apricots on the tart side usually bake well, but no. Sour as could be and not in a delicious Granny Smith sort of way. I am extremely pleased to report that the apricots I picked at Gilcrease Orchards were sweet and delicious. This orchard is not certified organic, but they don’t use any pesticides on the fruit. You can tell, as the cots are a bit on the small side, but what they lack in size, they make up for it deliciousness.

Tree full of Apricots.

Farm Fresh Apricots.

And with these gorgeous and juicy cots, I decided to make Honey-Apricot Bakalava Strudel (adapted from Sunset magazine). I used holistic farm fresh wildflower honey, cardamon, pistachios, almonds and whole wheat filo. I have to admit though, I do enjoy true vegan baklava (with agave or brown rice syrup) a little more than I enjoy it made with honey. It was still really good it that sticky sweet kinda way.

Gilcrease Orchard

7800 N Tenaya Way

Las Vegas, NV 89131

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