Chocolate-Avocado Cake.

I decided to make this cake for Mother’s Day.

The Italian side of my family came over for a fresh and light Italian feast. I made all kinds of things; Creamy pasta w/ white beans and asparagus, vegan Caprese salad, Field Roast Sausage & peppers, a vegan version of Giada’s Goat Cheese, Lentil & Brown Rice Rolls, and a big mixed green salad. I also made minted-citrus iced sweet tea. I wish I had a picture of the whole spread, but I was too busy putting everything together.

But….I did manage to photograph the Chocolate-Avocado Cake. If you read the recipe linked to above, you’ll see that this cake calls for a mashed up avocado. I had reservations about making it for my omnivorous family, but I decided to go for it. They have never tasted any of the tofu or other weird things I’ve put in to cakes before, so why not? Glad I decided to take the plunge because the cake was a hit.

I made a hazelnut mousse for the middle layer and the outer layer of frosting was just a chocolate buttercream. I had seen a non-vegan version of the decorations on the cake, which I thought were ridiculous, but also completely adorable. I wanted to recreate that look for my family and the Italian feast. I used frosting coated in chocolate cookie crumbs for the “meatballs”, vanilla buttercream piped for the spaghetti and blood orange jam for the “sauce”.


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