Catching up.

So many. So many treats do I have in store for here. But for now, some things I’ve been working on:


Hawaiian Chantilly Cake.


Attempt one. Amazing chocolate cake. The icing, however, went completely to hell. All wrong. So, I whipped up a quick Chantilly cream and used it instead. It was a really good final product, but the icing blunder changed the cake completely. For those that don’t know, Chantilly icing is similar to German chocolate cake icing, with no nuts or coconut.



These little breads are filled with mashed purple sweet potato, cane sugar and cinnamon.



Mixed Greens Salad with chunks of Avocado, Baked Mochiko Chik’n with homemade Papaya-Seed Vinaigrette. I used Beyond Meat for the chicken, but may try this again with tempeh. The dressing was bomb.


When Kona coffee and Hawaiian chocolate meet, they make pie. Chocolate Mud Pie, made mostly from avocados. Tested on unsuspecting people, no one knew. 😉


I made these Oatmeal Cookies with Tropical Dried Fruits soaked with Koloa Rum. Inspired by Eat the Love. I have pineapple, papaya and mango in there.


Mango-“Beef Stir” Fry.


Empanadas filled with Vegan Shrimp sautéed in “Butter” and Hawaiian Vanilla, Sweet Potato & Pineapple-Jalapeño Jelly.


Coconut-“Chicken” Soup w/ Blue Ring Ginger & Saifun using Beyond Meat. The broth is a homemade coconut-ginger-garlic-lemongrass situation. It was delicious.


Coconut-Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Poha Berry Compote.


I have more to share, but I’m photo-rambling. I’ve been busy, but I’ll be back.



4 Comments on “Catching up.

  1. Looks like you’ve been doing some serious eating! Thanks for sharing these two dishes, both the soup and the salad look and sound delicious.

    Looking forward to following along with more of your tasty adventures in 2014!

    • The pics from your trip look amazing! I have two more trips planned this fall and can’t wait to go back. I need guava in my belly like, yesterday!!!

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