Throwback Thursday: Thanksgiving 2013.

Hello there. I meant to post about ol’ T-Gives last year, but never did. Highlights:


Cheddar Quick Bread loaded with Cranberries, Pecans, Daiya.


Then there was this masterpiece salad. I baked homemade ginger bread and subsequently turned most of the loaf into croutons. Add sauteed smokey tempeh, roasted chunks of squash, pickled ramps (!!!!), all on a bed of arugula. It was incredibly flavorful, so I opted not to dress it. Dressing would have ruined all of the amazing flavors. Family was very confused by it; I think it was mostly the tempeh. I had slipped the same smokey tempeh into a delicata squash/apple creation the year before (which was a big success), so I thought I would go a little bolder with the tempeh. For whatever reason, most of the table was scared by it. A few family members were brave enough to try it however, and those that did were fans. 🙂


3 Comments on “Throwback Thursday: Thanksgiving 2013.

  1. Bummer those dishes went mostly unappreciated. They look fantastic! I would have loved to try them and be ever so thankful. 🙂 It’s also been my experience to just bring safe types of food to holiday events. Part of it I think is there’s so much food, people would rather go with what they know than try something new and unfamiliar.

    • It was a total bummer. I just edited the post though because man, I sound like such a Debbie downer! 😀 And I did have fun making the above items and I’m confident they were good–just a little too unusual for my family. Safe classics this year it is.

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