Work in Progress: Butterscotch Apple Pie

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to make my first gluten free pie. The filling was a complete success, well, because…how easy is it to make gluten free pie filling? Super easy. My crust, while not a total failure, left a lot to be desired. It had sort of a crunchy cookie-like consistency and tasted okay. It just wasn’t as delicious as I hoped it would be and the texture was much too crunchy. After all, I was going for a regular pie crust, not a cookie crust.

I saw the recipe idea on one of my favorite blogs, Eat the Love. Irvin used brown butter to infuse his crust with butterscotch flavor and did the same with the filling. If anyone has any ideas on a creative way to make vegan brown butter, let me know. That was the flavor I was trying to recreate. It worked more so with my filling, I guess because of some of the spices and other ingredients that you can use with filling and not in your crust. I hate to use butterscotch chips in a pie, but maybe that is the route I have to take. Does anyone know if they melt? Anyhow, the pie was not a complete failure, but needs improvements.

At least it holds a slice!

2 Comments on “Work in Progress: Butterscotch Apple Pie

    • The crust recipe you posted looks great. We should brainstorm on how to get that butterscotch flavor into it. Brown sugar? Whiskey? I’m Ron Burgundy?

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