Blue Cheeze Stuffed Burgers.

Greetings and Salutations long lost blog. And by long lost, I mean, clearly I took a little break from mofo-ing. I had a nice adventure, family time, a gorgeous tank top from Anthropologie that cost $7 and some fine looking dinner plates. I’ve been having so much fun that my body said…hey….hey you…slow down the fun. On Sunday night I started to feel pretty crummy and last night I developed a fever. Fever! What?!?! The funny thing is, I’m not sick. I had no symptoms of a cold or what have you, I just had the chills, sore muscles and a filthy fever. Anyhow, due to said shenanigans I abstained from mofo-ing. I feel much better this morning, though, so you know whatever it was, I think it went away. Hopefully.

So, I’m going to bring you another recipe using the famous Match Meat. I decided I wanted to make a burger stuffed with blue/bleu cheeze. I’ve already mentioned this before, but Figgy Produce sells Match by the pound. I didn’t want a whole pound, that sounded like too much so I went with 1/2 lb of the ground “beef”. Anyhow, I then proceeded to throw a bunch of spices into the “beef”, formed into a patty and then cut the patty in half. When I had originally envisioned this idea, I thought I was going to use Sunergia Bleu Cheeze for the stuffing. Then, I remembered I had a small supply of precious Cheezly. Precious, precious Cheezly. So, I busted out the blue cheeze style Cheezly and cut off some small chunks. I stuffed the Cheezly into the center of the burger and cooked it. It was pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Bleu Cheeze Stuffed Burgers

I wish I had a shot of the inside of the burgers so you could see the cheeze stuffing, but I couldn’t get an appetizing slash decent picture. I also made some green peppercorn mayo for these and just went with traditional burger incidentals.

I don’t really have an exact recipe and I’m still a little wonky from that fever, so Im just going to tell you what spices I added to the Match and if you want to make these, you can add the same spices to taste.

Spice Blend:


Garlic Powder



Onion Powder


Freshly Cracked Black Pepper

pinch Cayenne

For the Green Peppercorn Mayo, I just took about 1/4 c Vegenaise, and mixed that with some crushed green peppercorns, a little bit of dijon mustard and small amount of salt.


Alright, next post I will have my wits about me.



5 Comments on “Blue Cheeze Stuffed Burgers.

  1. I need some match. This looks great. I’m sitting here at work wishing it were lunch time and that I had something this tasty in store for me.

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