Greetings Bloglings!

Hi there and welcome to this brand new blog!

Food, shenanigans, misadventures, maybe a lil magic, but mostly food. I think that’s what’s about to go on here….I think.

I do hope you’ll join me on this crazy little journey I’m about to make in this here blogosphere. 🙂 Yes. Lots and lots of smiley faces. And hearts. Lots of those too. ❤

2 Comments on “Greetings Bloglings!

  1. I’m so excited you started a blog. I’m still dreaming about your cheesy beignets and gluten free white chocolate raspberry tart!

  2. 🙂 I’m so excited too. First “real” post is up! I’ll probably do a post on beignets at some point–I have to show you the photos I have of my original cheesey beignets. I think I’m also going to do a post on tarts and another on galettes soon.

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