Vegan Loco-Moco.

In Hawaii, there is this really popular dish called the “loco moco”, typically constructed of a pile of rice (usually white) topped with a hamburger patty (or sometimes steak), then a fried egg and then a load of gravy. It actually doesn’t sound that appetizing, but I thought a cruelty-free version might be tasty.


I used brown rice, a veggie burger patty (really made of veggies—I’m not a fan of the imitation meat burgers, but if you like them, go for it). I used the fried egg recipe from Betty Goes Vegan and topped it off with a nooch-gravy concoction. In the end, I really needed a salad or a real vegetable because this meal was so heavy. It was still good, but if I were to remake it, I think I would try to do a fancier smaller portion with a slider or something. To be continued.


8 Comments on “Vegan Loco-Moco.

    • Thanks so much–Maybe a smaller portion with a side salad is the way to go next time. Think I’m going to rework it with a homemade taro slider and a different gravy. 🙂

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