Birthday Cake for my Bro + So Much to Love.

Oh my, look at me, I’m MoFoing on time! Yay. No recipe today, but I did just make some kind of amazing Eat the Love cookies last night that are definitely getting their very own post (hopefully tomorrow). Today I wanted to share a couple of things:

First, it was my brother’s 30th on Sunday! Do you know what it means that my brother has turned 30? It means I am almost 30 now too! Eek. Not worried about it yet, but time is trippy and I cannot believe how FAST it goes by. I can’t spend too much time thinking about it or my brain freezes up and I start feeling lots of emotions and start thinking about the universe and all of my unanswerable questions. That ish is cray. That’s all. So for now, let’s just look at cake.

Sorry for the crappy photos. My DSLR died right before I left for the restaurant. So, the iPad and iPhone it was. I made my bro an apple cider cake with the last of my fresh pressed, chemical free cider that I got while apple picking. Apparently the guys  who work on the farm can press cider so fast that it still looks green for a few seconds when it comes out–the brown color is from oxidation.

Rather than fill the cake with frosting, I decided to use homemade apple butter for the center filling. Sometimes I like to switch it up in regard to the filling rather than using frosting. Frosting is so sweet, so sugary, so fatty that personally, I thought it would be refreshing to have something sweet, but healthy in the middle. The family seemed to like it. We had so many people at the table that I served the entire cake–which was splendid so I didn’t end up on the couch eating leftover cake by myself later that night. 🙂

I also wanted to just give a shout out to one of my favorite vegan companies, So Delicious. They are truly the best. I have been using their products for a while now. They make my favorite non-dairy milk, creamer, yogurt and ice cream. One of the things that I love and appreciate about So Delicious coconut milk and almond products is that they are soy free. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some soy. But I consume soy in many other foods like tofu, tempeh, miso etc. So, whenever I can avoid using excess soy, I do because I don’t want to overdo it and develop an intolerance or allergy (like I did with crab/shellfish in my pre-vegan days).

My two favorite milks are the unsweetened almond+ and the unsweetened coconut milk. Both are fabulous for drinking, cereal, baking etc.


I also love using their creamer and their yogurts, (both the Greek style & regular are equally great). While I love to use their yogurts for just eating, I also love adding them to baked goods and smoothies.

Also, let me just say that I do not work for So Delicious or Turtle Mountain. I just love what they make and think they’re the best!

One Comment on “Birthday Cake for my Bro + So Much to Love.

  1. I’d love an apple cider cake for my 30th birthday…which is much closer then I’d like to think about. What recipe did you use or was it one of your own?

    I love So Delicious! Everything they make is amazing. I’m disappointed that we don’t get even close to the number of products that you guys in the States get. I had no idea they made almond milk and I really want to try that Greek style yogurt. Their yogurts are my favorite, I just wish they came in larger sizes since I eat my way through them too quickly 🙂

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