Blue Hen Vietnamese.


It’s been a weird year. A lot of shit has gone down. I’ve moved three times. Someone had better by me a gravestone in my immediate area because I’M NEVR MOVING AGAIN. Ugh. But when you’re moving about in LA, one of the few positives is discovering what kind of delicious vegan food is lurking around the corner. Because, no doubt, any neighborhood you move into in Los Angeles has at least one vegan or very vegan friendly restaurant in very close proximity. Bless you Los Angeles, bless traffic ridden soul. So far, within my immediate area (currently Highland Park) I have 4 places to score some super delicious eats. There’s Cinnamon, an all vegetarian/vegan Mexican place. There’s Figueroa Produce Market which is an actual market, but has the dopest, most authentic vegan deli sandwich I’ve ever tasted. It’s a full service deli with meat and cheese, but there is a separate little vegan corner with faux meat, Daiya and all the fixins. You can also order Match Meat by the pound when they have it in stock. If you’re in the mood for something a little bit more fancy, there is Fatty’s. Fatty’s is deserving of its own post, so I won’t say too much…..except that I ate there for the first time about 2 weeks ago and it’s definitely a contender for best vegetarian/vegan restaurant that I’ve been too. Love that Fatty’s.

And now most recently I’ve discovered Blue Hen. Blue Hen offers delicious Vietnamese made with the finest local, organic ingredients. They are VERY vegan and gluten-free friendly. I stopped by and ordered the special, which was a veggie pho and also ordered some curry. I took both meals to-go and they were both really great. Flavorful and satisfying. Healthy too!


Blue Hen Vietnamese Kitchen

1743 Colorado Blvd

City is Los Angeles, Neighborhood is Eagle Rock

(323) 982-9900


ps. I have some mega mofoing to do. I need to write some new recipe posts, catch up on my fav blogs, make comments on the delicious I’m sure to find and also respond to some comments made on here! MoFo go! 🙂


3 Comments on “Blue Hen Vietnamese.

  1. Blue Hen sounds great. OOO I had read about Fatty’s but when I looked it up awhile ago they were temporarily closed. Glad they are open. Sounds like we will have to go out on an eating adventure soon!

    • Omgosh Galen (that was not intended, but just seemed right) 😉 Honestly, I MUST take you to dine at Fatty’s. I would dare say that it’s better than a certain other fine dining establishment that we love. They even had this all natural cotton candy made out of maple sugar. I didn’t get a chance to order it because I was so full and I had fresh pie back at the house, but it looked divine (someone else ordered it so I saw it come out). It is an amazing restaurant and I loved every bite! Blue Hen is quite delicious too when you;re feeling in the mood for Vietnamese! 🙂 Miss you SO MUCH. Must see you soon!

  2. Oh gee, thanks for all the good LA tips. I haven’t been to California since the summer of 20…10? Yikes. Too long. And I’ve never been to LA. It’s just so expensive to fly cross-country! 😦

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