Za’atar Rubbed Skewers.

I have so many treats to blog about, but so little time. Where does it all go? I honestly don’t know half the time, but I have so many treats to share. So. Many.

These skewers I made are the easiest and most simple thing ever, so there is no excuse not to make them and be enjoying them immediately. I made a homemade za’atar rub, which is a popular blend of spices used in Middle Eastern/Arab cuisine. I used fresh thyme and oregano as well as sumac, sesame seeds and a bit of sea salt.

The rest of the dish is composed of Gimme Lean meatballs mixed with a healthy helping of the za’atar mix, cubes of Follow Your Heart’s vegan Mozzarella, lemon slices and pattypan +  zucchini squash. Brush the squash and cheese with a touch of oil and throw on more za’atar.

I made these on a grill pan, but I know they would love the bbq treatment. You can also make a more homemade vegan meatball from homemade seitan or beans, but I’m not sure beanballs would hold up on a grill. This is also one of those occasions where the FYH cheese really gets to shine. It doesn’t melt all that easily, but that works to its benefit with these skewers. The cheese is able to withstand the heat long enough to get the squash and meatballs cooked while still holding together. It gets nice, warm and ever so slightly melty. These are a great way to say farewell to your bbq. Even though we still technically have summer for a few more months,–(meant to say weeks but my brain must know we’re not getting a break from this year’s heat that easily…) September really marks the beginning of fall. Apple picking anyone? 😉

2 Comments on “Za’atar Rubbed Skewers.

    • And I wish I could have lunch with you and bring them to you! I miss you SO MUCH! We need to have feast time together soon! 😀

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