Valencia Orange Ice Cream w/ Olive Oil & Chocolate Chunks.

Wow. Totally did not intend to take a two week hiatus from this blog, but it’s been getting real over here. Really real. I am moving unexpectedly this weekend. While moving is probably the most stressful business ever, I know that I am going to be much happier after the move. Anyone who knows me though, knows I have an insane amount of stuff. I love cooking and baking, so naturally there are a million plates, dishes, pots, pans, etc plus a Kitchenaid stand mixer, food processor, Vitamix, ice cream maker, slow cooker….ahhhh….so many kitchen things. And don’t get me started on my books and clothes. Or my pantry….I have two refrigerators and one of them just holds different types of flour and nuts….I’m a loon what can I say. A kitchen happy flour hoarding loon.

I also saw a surgeon on Monday who says it’s finally time for my gallbladder to come out. I’ve known I’ve had gallstones for about 7 years, but I wasn’t really having symptoms until recently. He told me that my healthy diet* has probably prevented me from having symptoms for a long time, but one of my stones has grown pretty large and now I’m having some issues. Sept. 13 is the date–any well wishes sent my way on that day would be much appreciated! It’s a relatively simple procedure, but general anesthesia always a little scary and I will wake up one organ less than before. Weird.

But enough of that noise. In all this stress a girl needs ice cream. A girl needs a vegan version of this wildly delicious sounding ice cream from Eat the Love.

So recreated it has been and eaten it was. For those of you with ice cream makers….make this. This was some of the creamiest most ridiculous ice cream ever. I would not suggest subbing out the coconut milk for anything else. This ice cream is certainly not diet food. It’s filled with fatty fat fat and should be eaten either in moderation or entirely in one sitting. Just putting it out there.

Valencia Orange Ice Cream w/ Olive Oil & Chocolate Chunks


3 c canned coconut milk, full fat, not light

2 tbsp arrowroot powder

2 tbsp Valencia orange zest

1/2 c freshly squeezed Valencia orange juice

1/2 c extra-virgin olive oil, cold pressed and local (if you’re in CA)

heaping 1/3 c or 1/2 c unbleached cane sugar ( I used a heaping 1/3 c, but if you like really sweet ice cream, use 1/2 c)

1 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp vodka

1/2 to 3/4 c dark chocolate chunks


In a small bowl, mix 1/4 c coconut milk with the arrowroot powder. Set aside. In a medium saucepan, whisk together the remaning coconut milk, orange zest and juice, olive oil and sugar. Bring mixture to a gentle boil, making sure not to get it too hot. You just want to dissolve the sugar. Remove from heat and add in the arrowroot/milk mixture. Next whisk in the vanilla and vodka. Pour everything into a large metal or glass bowl. Chill in the fridge until ice cream base is cold. Use this mixture in your ice cream maker and mix according to the directions. You are going to add in the chocolate chunks during the last few minutes of the process. Don’t add them sooner unless the directions for your ice cream maker allow you to do so. I have a Cuisinart brand one that is very affordable and works great. With my model, you have to save add-ins for the very end or you risk breaking your machine.

*I eat a pretty healthy vegan diet compared to the S.A.D, but not 24/7 you know…I mean, I’m posting about ice cream and this blog is loaded with pies and cookies and things, but I don’t live on desserts or even eat them everyday (I’d like to though!) So, I don’t eat the world’s healthiest diet because I would be even crazier than I am now living a life without pie, but I’d like to think that my diet is still considered healthy by most people’s standards.

2 Comments on “Valencia Orange Ice Cream w/ Olive Oil & Chocolate Chunks.

  1. Um, I need to make that ASAP. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Sorry to hear about the move and the gallstones. My partner and I had to move suddenly in January because our landlord stopped making the payments on the house and didn’t tell anyone til auction day (nice, right?!). Sounds like your move is occurring under happier circumstances. Sorta mitigates the awfulness of moving?

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m not delaying health problems with my ultra-healthy-gleaming-pure-compared-to-SAD diet, too. Interesting that the doc was so honest. Anyway, you’ll be in my thoughts around Sept 13.

    adriennefriend at

    • I’ll be honest–sooooo not diet ice cream, but definitely worth it! I also just made some vanilla-bay leaf ice cream that will be going up soon.

      I’m sorry to hear about your landlord! There are so many bad ones out there which is unfortunate. Having a home is so important.

      I’ve known about the gallstones for a while, but never really had any problems from them. They I started having some pain not too long ago. Hadn’t had an ultrasound in about 6 or so years and when they did a new one, one of the stones got ridiculously large. They tell me larger ones are better to a certain extent–the small ones can easily become lodged in your common bile duct and cause more serious issues….but I guess the same can happen when they are super big, they just block the duct instead of becoming lodged in it. Oh man, there I go talking about bile on a food blog!

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