“Lobster” & Cheddar Grits.

By far, the weirdest thing I have eaten since becoming vegan was this completely bizarre vegan lobster.

Vegan Lobster. Wtf.

It was made basically out of soy and starch, but when I saw it, I felt like I had to try it. After all, I am a fan of those crazy vegan shrimp… I decided that the best way to cook this was with Earth Balance, paprika, garlic, parsley and some other spices. I served it on top of some cheddar grits to a couple of friends. The verdict? We all thought the lobster tasted okay, but was pretty terrible, texturally speaking. It was overly firm and chewy, nothing like the texture of lobster. In the future, I’ll stick with lobster mushrooms as a lobster substitute, which is fine by me; they look and taste amazing and are a lot healthier than the soy beast pictured above. The grits on the other hand, were outrageously delicious. I like to use a mix of veggie stock and non-dairy milk (organic rice milk this time) to cook the grits. I also added a handful of shredded vegan cheddar.

"Lobster" & Cheeze Grits.

2 Comments on ““Lobster” & Cheddar Grits.

  1. What is the name of the lobster product? Where did you find it? Thanks!

    • Hi Codi! The lobster product didn’t have a name really. It was wrapped in plastic wrap on a piece of styrofoam–this is pretty popular in Asian markets. The name of the company who makes the lobster though, is called VegeUSA. I’m not sure if you’re in California, but they are located in a town called Monrovia, not too far from LA. They have a small shop under their headquarters which is open to the public and you can get this product there 🙂

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