Biscuits & Things.

Happy Halloween and End Of MoFo. I started out strong and then lost momentum, but what can I say? Posting everyday is pretty challenging. I actually haven’t even made much in the past couple of weeks, but I do have a nice recipe and post lined up for that mock duck I mentioned.

But first, some goodies. I suppose I must have been in the mood for biscuits as I decided to make a biscuit topped pot pie (or potpie?) for dinner and then a maple kissed biscuit topped cobbler for dessert. I have to say that adding herbs to any potpie crust is a genius idea and everyone should be doing it. It brings such a delicious and added flavor to the crust or topping.

The bigger the biscuit, the better.

I added some Upton’s Naturals Italian Style Seitan to this pie and really enjoyed it. I prefer to make my own seitan at home, but there are those times when I just don’t feel like it. I had heard good things about Upton’s, so I thought I would buy some and give it a try. I say it was pretty delicious. The texture seemed a little strange when I first took it out of the package…I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be one large piece or ground. It seemed sort of congealed from being vacuum packed, like those disgusting cans of cranberry that come out of the can in the shape of a can. Ha, poor Upton’s, I’m making it sound gross! It was actually quite good and did not have a strange texture in the potpie. It was meaty and spiced well and fit nicely into this dish. If I am ever too lazy to make my own seitan again in the future, I would def buy Upton’s again.

Yummy potpie filling with Upton's Seitan.

I wish I had some more potpie right now. Or biscuits. I love biscuits. Hey, speaking of biscuits, here is the cobbler I made:

Cobbler Close Up: Blueberry & Cranberry Cobbler

This was a great cobbler. Totally loved it. The recipe inspiration comes from the dear Spork Sisters, Heather & Jenny. The combination of wild blueberries and fresh cranberries was perfection. This cobbler has hints of maple, vanilla & fresh citrus. The delicious spelt biscuit topping really brings this dessert together. I only wish that I had added an additional half recipe or just doubled it so I could have more biscuit topping. Sweet maple spelt biscuit filled with hopes and dreams, I love you.

Big Ol' Bowl O' Cobbler with a Side of Apostrophes.

Alright. I’m giving myself biscuit brain and I need to quit. The mock duck will be making an appearance this week and there is some homemade white chocolate setting up in the fridge. There may even be more blondies and maybe even a few tangerine inspired recipes as the tangerine tree is blowing up with fruits like there’s no tomorrow.




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