Huli-Huli Tempeh.

I’m happy. I’m off to Maui early next month and I simply cannot wait. Coconut bagels, fresh lilikoi, picking strawberries on the bright green Kula hillside, a long horseback ride through the jungle are filling my thoughts and dreams. It feels so good to look forward to it.

In the aloha spirit, I’ve been in my kitchen inspired to create healthier, plant-based versions of classic Hawaiian dishes. Huli-Huli chicken has been part of Hawaiian cuisine since the 1950’s. Huli means “turn” in Hawaiian and refers to the cooking method used to cook the chicken which is also basted in a special teriyaki sauce as it cooks. I am really happy to present you with this super delicious recipe.


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Vegan Pork Chop w/ Apples Sautéed in Maple Reduction.

Today I thought I would tell you a story about pork chops, but it turns out I don’t really have one. What I do have, is a story about the first pig I met in person. My parents took my brother and I into a pet shop when we were just littles. I loved pet shops because I have loved animals my entire life and have always been fascinated by them. In this particular pet store, we met a baby black piglet. He was a friendly fellow and he wagged his little curl with such enthusiasm. He snorted a bit and was eager for pettings and treats.Even my parents were a little enamored with him and I could see that my mom was really thinking about getting him. We ended up leaving him at the pet store, but I’ve never forgotten him.

When I think back on him and know what I do now about the nature of the domesticated pig, I can’t believe I ever ate them. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve eaten pork. I stopped eating pork and beef long before I became vegan or even vegetarian. I know bacon and pork belly are popular menu items because they taste delicious. But do you know what else is delicious? COCONUT BACON. And this vegan pork chop. 🙂


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A Tale of Two Bundts: Pumpkin-Vanilla Bay Leaf + Meyer Lemon-Chocolate.

It’s about time to bring you some more fancy bundt cakes from Eat the Love, but veganized. The desserts posted on Eat the Love are always so inspiring and I love making them. They usually translate very well into dairy-free, egg-free versions. I’m always excited to test them out and even more excited when they turn out well. Here are two bundts; a Fall flavored Pumpkin-Vanilla Bay Leaf and Meyer-Lemon Chocolate, both omnivore tested and approved.



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Lilikoi Chiffon Cake with Coconut Buttercream Frosting.

I have aloha on my mind. It’s been about 6 months since I have been on my good friend Maui. Or any of the islands. I love Hawaii, you know? If you’re like me, you dream about it… and look forward to it. I think about all of the things I’m going to do and eat! And what new wonders I will discover? Despite their small size, the Hawaiian islands are all magical in their own way. Yeah, magical.


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Vegan Bleu Cheese & Bacon Biscuit.

Dudes. Today I have a totally awesome biscuit for y’all. I’m proud to say it’s totally on point and worth tracking down or ordering the ingredients to make. The secret is the White Lily flour. I’ve found that it’s perfect for making biscuits fluffy. The flavors are savory, buttery and balanced in this puffy little masterpiece.



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See These Ice Creams?

Vegan Avocado Ice Cream



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Buttery Potato Chip Cookies w/ Pecans.

I want to tell you something…I am not much of a chip fan. Tortilla chips, potato chips, even veggie chips. It’s not that I hate them, but, meh. I have always been more of a pretzel girl. Now pretzels are something delicious.


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Work in progress: Pineapple Shortbread Cookies.

Do you love the scent of pineapple? I do. When I am selecting one to buy, I always turn it over and smell it. I think the best ones have a faintly sweet smell just floating on the air. Man, I love that fruit.

Each time I go to Hawaii, I always come across pineapple shortbread cookies, entirely full of butter and not vegan. I’ve never tasted them, but decided to start experimenting. I found a lovely little coconut-pineapple jam at a farmer’s market and one of my only regrets is making the thumbprint much too small. There’s freeze-dried, pulverized pineapple in the dough, but I still think they need a little something extra. 




Smokey Taro Hummus.

I’m sitting here a little warm and tingly from my kombucha (which I like more than wine….I said it.) and I thought I’d come on over here to share an exciting new opportunity in the field of hummus. And by that, I mean a simple recipe, starring my beloved taro, the king of roots.

Inspired by the addictive, absurdly delicious hummus I ate at Merriman’s Kapalua with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Delicious vegan options there, so check it the next time you’re on Maui and want something fancy!


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Vegan Blood Orange & Coconut Velvet Cake.

One of my favorite memories of my life is of picking oranges. I was little. The sky was clear and blue and the sun was shining in the way that southern California does, big and bright. The air in the grove had this overwhelming sweet smell and mixed with those beautiful orange orbs against the green leaves of the trees, I was in love! Birds and rustling leaves and joy. Ever since, I have always loved picking fruit.

I grew up loving oranges and tangerines, but never got to experience the blood orange until I was much older. Now they are one of my loves. This cake is amazing. It’s one of the incredible creations from Eat the Love, but in vegan form. I’m going to proclaim that it’s one of the best cakes I’ve ever made. Forgive the sunken appearance–it did not sink in the middle, I just put it on the wrong size plate.

Blood Orange & Coconut Velvet Cake


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