Possibly Persimmons. Possibly Persimmon Bread.

Persimmons. The first time I had one I bit into an unripe Hachiya persimmon. The tannins and my tongue did not agree. At the time, I was ignorant of the differences between our two main persimmons, the Fuyu and Hachiya. The Fuyu can be eaten like apples, while the Hachiya pretty much have to become mushy to be edible.

Either way, they’re both delicious and one of the only fruit crops abundant in late fall/early winter. I did some research and found a couple of leads about a nice little persimmon operation out in Moorpark. I recruited my farm friends and we set out to find this farm. I had no real concrete information. No farm name, phone number, or hours of operation. Just a random address and two tips from the internet.

As luck would have it, we happened upon a few tattered signs for persimmons. We followed them and found ourselves at Ellie’s Persimmon Farm. The orchard is planted on a hillside, so it can be a little treacherous. The orchard is mostly Fuyu trees with some Hachiya sprinkled in at the top. The persimmons were perfect, organic and cheap. There is no admission fee and you can eat as many as you like and no one seemed to mind that we brought a pup.

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