Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Series 1.

Well, hello there! Today, I’d like to introduce a series of new posts involving a few of my favorite things:

1. Marvel Comics and the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

2. . Food

3. Clothes!Over the holidays, I was re-watching Captain America: Civil War and started coming up with pie flavors based on different Marvel heroes. I named off most of The Avengers and then some. Six months later and after seeing the new Guardians of the Galaxy film, it dawned on me that this is something I should share in this space. While the MCU is not perfect, it’s been pretty successful at bringing so many of my childhood heroes to life and that thrills me, truly.
I grew up on Marvel comics (and trading cards) with my older brother to thank. We had our own likes and dislikes in terms of stories and characters, but each of us became pretty well-versed in various story lines involving most of the characters we’re seeing in the big and small screens today.
I decided to kick off this series with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, since it’s still currently in theaters and I just had the opportunity to enjoy the new ride at Disney’s California Adventure. I took a few hours one afternoon when I finished work early and headed down to Orange County (I live in Los Angeles). I decided to go alone and ended up having an absolutely joyous day.

Exterior shot of Guardians of the Galaxy at Disney’s California Adventure

For clothing, I wanted to wear something festive and I thought I would share a couple of outfits.

I had picked up a cool Star Lord t-shirt, but hadn’t worn it yet because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to style it. My own personal style is pretty eclectic in terms of pieces, but I can definitely say that my style leans more on the feminine side. Part of that has to do with my taste and also with my body type. I am more of an hour glass and I’m short. Dresses are my favorite thing to wear, especially fit and flare silhouettes. I love all colors, bright and more neutral or muted tones. I love prints, stripes, florals.

I don’t wear t-shirts that often and sometimes I struggle to fit them in to my style. However, I see TONS of shirts with graphics that I love! This particular Star Lord shirt happened to be one of them. It only came in mens, with the smallest size being a small. Buying ladies t-shirts is tough enough for me, but mens shirts are even harder because they are usually bigger, longer and boxier. Because of my short and curvy nature, certain tricks don’t always work for me. For example, a fantastic way to style an oversized piece (certain dresses of t-shirts) is to tie a knot some where in the fabric, usually near the smallest part of your midsection, which, depending on your body type and shape, might be in a different place. For me, it’s my natural waist. Belts also come in handy for oversized dresses.

Ultimately, I settled on pairing it with a bright, blue Lularoe Lola skirt with an equally bright red, thick, elastic waist band. I pulled the shirt down as far as possible and pulled the skirt up over the shirt. The elastic waistband of the skirt acted like a perfect belt and created a fitted look that I was really happy with. I haven’t yet set up a place in my apartment to take pictures of outfits, but hopefully you can get the idea with the photos provided.  I wore a pair of tan Ugg booties for shoes and used a gold eye shadow on my lids, with pretty basic eyeliner and mascara for make-up–oh and touch of golden highlighter around the upper cheek because that never hurts. No foundation or concealer. My outfit ended up being a hit at the park, which made me feel great.

Star Lord t-shirt from Box Lunch, Lularoe Lola Skirt, Ugg Booties

I ended up picking up some other shirts and various treats on my trip at the park. I’m also happy to report that the ride was very fun. I don’t want to go into too many details because the ride is still so new and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. You can just trust me when I say the line moved very fast (35 minutes total wait time and I did go “single rider”) and they included a lot of cool decor and things to look at while you wait.

Taneleer Tivan, aka The Collector
Outfit, Souvenir Baby Groot drinking cup (choice of Coke products or water), Guardians of the Galaxy Popcorn Bucket, Vegan Groot Sourdough Bread)

I ended up back at Disney this week and wanted to wear one of the new shirts that I had bought on the previous trip. Another mens shirt featuring Star Lord! However, this shirt was also a small, but much bigger than the off-white one.

This is how I styled it:

Star Lord shirt from Disney’s California Adventure, jumper from Black Milk Clothing, Vintage Frye Cowboys Boots

In my next post, which I hope to share tomorrow, I will bring you a sweet, seasonal Star Lord themed recipe. You’ll also be seeing Dr. Strange, Captain America, Deadpool and more characters with recipes, outfits, crafts and party ideas.

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