Locali Loves Vol. 2

Oh Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich. You are what you eat. Vegan sausage patty, melted cheddar Daiya, vegan chipotle sauce & maple syrup all nestled on a mutli-grain English muffin….because I guess something about it had to be healthy….ish. I hate to even mention this, but this is sorta like a McGriddle. A better tasting, better for you not as bad for you, version of that sandwich. This little one really hits the spot after a night of beer drinking. That’s right, I said it. Go to Locali and savor this goodness immediately. You’re welcome.

Oh hey, I'm just sitting here oozing goodness.

5 Comments on “Locali Loves Vol. 2

    • That is a great idea. This little sandwich rocks my socks….and tastebuds! If you are ever in LA, Locali is a must-visit type of place. Everything is amazing! 😀

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