Fried “Egg”wich w/ “Bacon” & “Bleu Cheese” Crumbles.

& quotations. Lots of quotations.

So. I was browsing around on this here internet giving a looksy at some of my favorite blogs. I went on over to Smitten Kitchen and saw Deb’s post about a fried egg sandwich with bacon and bleu cheese. And ya know, that sounded good to me. Real good. But, well, without the egg, bacon or bleu cheese. Ha….but seriously, a vegan version had to be made and so it went.

I headed on over to Meet the Shannons to get the deets on how to make their recipe for a fried egg, which, btw, is super cute. Take a look at the recipe here. I had wanted to make this for a while, but I wanted to start making my own tofu or get some local tofu, as I heard that it’s loads better than the packaged stuff. I don’t know what happened, but I’m guessing I saw a pretty vegetable and forgot all about the tofu.

Fast forward to the other day and I just decided to use some water packed firm tofu for the egg. I had some leftover cheeze sauce (from last night’s dinner) reserved for the “yolk”. I used my cupcake filling injector (note to self: buy a legit injector) to insert the yolk into the center of my tofu squares and then did a light saute in a small amount of oil, so I’m not really sure my “egg” was really fried….totally okay by me (and my thighs). I also sprinkled my tofu with kala namak, which, in my opinion, is a MUST for making tofu scramble, tofu egg salad or on anything that is trying to mimic an egg. The sulfur content in this black salt (looks pinkish grey when ground) is what gives it such a particular smell and flavor, which is remarkably eggy.

Vegan Eggwich: Tofu Egg w/ Cheeze Yolk, Frisee, Shallots, Tempeh Bacon, Bleu Cheeze Crumbles

To finish the eggwich, I loosely followed Deb’s recipe. I sauteed half a package of tempeh bacon with a sliced shallot. Once I was ready to turn off the heat, I added 1 tbsp red wine vinegar and a tsp of dijon into the tempeh and shallot mixture. I dumped the contents of my pan into a metal bowl that I had some torn up frisee in it. I tossed everything around together. Lastly, I crumbled up some Sunergia Soy BleuΒ to top off the sandwich. I assembled everything on a toasted sourdough roll and devoured my delicious eggwich. πŸ™‚

3 Comments on “Fried “Egg”wich w/ “Bacon” & “Bleu Cheese” Crumbles.

  1. This looks amazing! I’ve never heard of kala namak. Would black salt do the same? I love it new recipes and learning something new.

  2. Thanks guys! It was a tasty sandwich and pretty darn easy. Bless those Shannons for creating such a cool tofu egg too! πŸ™‚

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