Vegan Peppermint Bark.

I make my own white chocolate for this. It’s really easy if you can get ahold of some good food grade cocoa butter. Then it’s just a matter of powdered sugar and some flavor, like vanilla bean or extract or what-have-you. If you need measurements, here is a foolproof recipe for you for vegan white chocolate. If you don’t want to make your own white chocolate, you can just melt down some vegan white chocolate chips…which typically have to be ordered online. Sometimes vegan white chocolate chips take a while to melt, but stir them around and give them a little time.

Homemade Vegan White Chocolate: Both Vanilla; one w/ extract, the other with bean.

The rest of peppermint bark making is a snap. Line a small rimmed baking sheet with parchment or silpat. Melt some dark chocolate and pour it onto the baking sheet. For extra minty delicious, add a little peppermint extract to the chocolate before pouring it. Wait for the chocolate to harden. To expedite, put it in the fridge or freezer. Then, melt your white chocolate and pour that on top of the dark. Sprinkle with crushed candy canes; they have some organic and all natural ones at Whole Foods. Put back in the fridge to help solidify. Once solid, start breaking the one big piece apart into subsequent smaller pieces. I have no rhyme or reason for the way I break it up. If you’ve used parchment instead of a silpat, you can try cutting nice looking squares.

Sorry I don’t have exact measurements, but I’m confident you guys can eyeball it and be fine. 🙂

Vegan Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark.

4 Comments on “Vegan Peppermint Bark.

  1. i love bark!!! i keep meaning to make it every year but it’s too easy to just pick up a tin from trader joe’s. merry xmas!

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