Vegan Lobster Rolls.

Lobster Mushrooms

Lobster mushrooms everyone. Aren’t they beautiful? Their beauty comes from some funky parasitic fungus that actually grows on other mushrooms. Fungus on fungus action is what I’m sayin. That’s why they have this gorgeous reddish-orange hue, which matches the color of cooked lobster, hence the name. Unfortunately, most of us know that the most popular way to cook a real lobster is to drop them into boiling water whilst they are still alive. I have always found this disturbing, so I will stick with cruelty free lobster mushrooms thank you very much!

So, I saw some of these really great mushrooms while I was at the farmer’s market over the weekend and I had the idea that I wanted to make a delicious lobster roll, only with mushrooms instead of crustacean. I have never eaten a lobster roll, I’ve only seen other people eat them, so I decided to start with a very un-vegan recipe and veganize it. I decided to go with one by Bobby Flay, who I love to hate. I’ll throwdown with that homeboy any day! The lobster mushroom rolls were grand and I’m pretty sure they would please any lobster lover, even the Flay.

Lobster Mushroom Roll

Lobster Mushroom Roll


1/4 lb to 1/2 lb lobster mushrooms, chopped into chunks–or thereabouts. I can’t remember how much I had exactly, but at least 2-3 handfuls.

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 yellow onion, sliced

2 tbsp Earth Balance

3-4 ribs celery, diced

1/4 c red onion, diced

1/4 c cilantro, chopped

3/4 scant cup Vegenaise (I like the reduced fat variety)

2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

salt and freshly cracked black pepper to taste

1 long french baguette, sliced into 3 rolls


Heat a saute pan or skillet over medium heat. Melt your Earthy B and add the onions. Saute for a couple of minutes and then add the garlic. Saute for no longer than a minute, as we don’t want to garlic to burn. Add the mushrooms. If your pan is looking the slightest but dry, add another tbsp or so of Earthy B. Saute your mushrooms, onions and garlic until tender and until the mushrooms have a released some liquid. Remove pan from the heat and set aside to cool.

Next mix your Vegenaise, with the remaining ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl. If you like a lot of Vegenaise, feel free to add more. If you want less, just use 1/2 c or so. Season with salt and pepper to taste. After your mushrooms, onions and garlic have cooled a bit, add them to your Vegenaise mixture. It’s okay if they’re still a little warm. Now, you can toast your rolls with olive oil or more Earthy B, or just scoop in the filling and have them untoasted. Your preference of course!

Blue Lobster. He's so misunderstood.

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