Eats of Late & Other Vegan Bloggers Rule.

I just got back from a trip to Ohio. To be honest, I still feel a little out of it. I did buy some yummy local goodies in Ohio and mailed them to myself before I left. Sigh, when will there be a “fly-at-your-own-risk” airline that just lets us bring jam on the plane?!? Jam, I say!

Anywho, right before I left I found this crazy awesome blog, Swapmeat. There was some crazy, delicious looking recipe for a Cheddar and Beer Soup that lead me there. Upon arriving, I saw there were some other amazing recipes with excellent photos waiting to be made and eaten. Yay! So, I left a comment under one of the recipes and to my surprise, this awesome blogger ended up helping me fix my header. Doesn’t it look awesome? I love it and think it’s a great improvement. I am so grateful to not only found a great blog with yummy food, but to know that an amazing and kind person writes said blog. I was so frustrated trying to fix that header, that I am soooo happy someone helped me fix it. So if you’re reading this blog, you should also go to Swapmeat and check it out too. 🙂

So, I only got to cook for realz once while in Ohio, but got to also eat out a couple of times at some yummy places. I will share that when I’ve got my wits about me again. For now, here are some photos of what I was making and eating before I left.

Heart Shaped Vanilla-Strawberry Cake w/ Strawberry-Almond Glaze
Piece of my heart
Sunchoke & "Veal" Capponata

Probably the best batch of seitan I’ve ever made, or close to.

White Macaroni & Cheeze w/ Morel Mushrooms & Tempeh Bacon

Made with precious, precious Cheeszly White Cheddar! So. Good.

Coconut-Lilikoi Cupcakes w/ Lilikoi Buttercream
Baby Spinach, Chik'n and Golden Grape Tomato Salad with Walnut Oil, Black Garlic & Dill Dressing
Kugel w/ Broccoli and Chanterelles
Hatch Chile Chik'n Cacciatore w/ Black Garlic Tomato Sauce

Made with the lovely Galen of OMGosh I’m Vegan 🙂

Cannellini Beans w/ Sage, Crispy "Prosciutto", & Fava Bean Pesto Ragout
Cherry Tomato Tapenade Tartlet

Saw these in Vegetarian Times and thought I’d make them. Are they really tartlets? I don’t know…

Warm Spinach & Red Onion Salad w/ Apple, Lemon & Fresh Mint Vinaigrette

Served the Tomato Tartlets on top on this salad.

Well, there you have it. A lot of the recipes are from my favorite cookbook, Veganize This! Others are edited/adapted or my own. I’ll post something yummy with a real recipe soon. 🙂

10 Comments on “Eats of Late & Other Vegan Bloggers Rule.

  1. Whoever said Vegan was boring lol 🙂 it’s loaded with colors and so much more healthy too as you have just pointed out with your great pictures 🙂 thank you! 🙂

    • Yay! So looking forward to seeing you and jamming it up. Also, if I bring my computer or a blank cd, can I steal some of your amazing music? I seriously dig Sippie!

    • Thank you so much for the help! I will probably be mentioning you some more as I have lots of delicious looking recipes to cook up from your blog. 😀

    • The tartlets were good. I made some hummus and tapenade, as those things are really so easy I cannot excuse buying them. Ps. Stop me from ever buying hummus in the future…homemade is soooo much better! I’m also finding I like it more like a paste and less liquidy–I’m realizing lots of store bought hummus has too much oil. The mac n’ cheeze will have to be made again. It was crazy decadent, but really yummy. Can’t believe I even found the morels. I lucked out!

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